Vision of Automation at the University of Lincoln

The University has approved the development of an automation proof of concept (POC), working with staff across the University to identify and implement candidate processes for automation. This POC has been approved to take place over the next 12 months with the objective to test the demand for the service and establish a pipeline of potential processes.


By implementing automation of our processes we can:

  • improve the experience of staff and students by creating faster delivery of services
  • improving response times to queries
  • improve the quality of our service through the enforcement of rules we stipulate
  • make better use of the data we hold across the organisation
  • release more capacity to areas by allowing virtual workers to carry out repetitive tasks


Tools will be employed to carry out the repetitive tasks using:

  • Accessing facilities within our current systems such as workflows
  • Developing our own automations through Power Automate, macros or visual basic applications (VBA)
  • Blue Prism automation software
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