Automation Success Stories

Automation is already being implemented across our systems and providing staff with capacity to work on more complex activities

Finance have developed their own automations through VBA scripts within Excel for the collection and distribution of data which has saved them approximately 2,500 hours equating to approximately £60,000 in costs that they can now utilise in the department on other tasks.

Student Administration have utilised workflows within OneUni (Student) to help progress students into the next academic year. This has removed the need for staff to manually change dates on individual student records to enable progression.

PGR paper based forms have been replaced with 365 Forms versions that enable data to be automatically transferred through systems removing the need for staff to cut and paste the data into student records and it has increased the visibility of the data held for the student allowing them to provide further clarification when needed.

Completed Ideas Submitted By Staff

Digital Services asked staff to provide suggestions for processes that could benefit from automation. Use the button below to see the Ideas that have been delivered through automation.

How Can I Help Myself

There are many ways that you can start to benefit from automating the way you work and we will be able to support you as time allows so why not try? If you are using Microsoft products in your process then you have all the tools you require on the system already and you just need to become more confident in their use. To start automating your process you need to know what your process does. This may sound obvious but do you know all the options and rules and regulations that need to be met?

  • Map out your process showing all the possible ways you could work through it
  • Determine which parts should be automated (you don’t need to do it all at once, start with the stages that involve copying and pasting information from one stage to the next
  • Are you using any documents (Word, PDF, emails) to capture information that you then transfer into your process? Could a 365 Form capture this information for you?
  • When do you start your process? (is it when an email comes in, when a certain condition occurs or at a set time)
  • Who needs to see the data in your process? (This will determine where you set up forms and automation flows)


To help you start your own automation use the free LinkedIn Learning courses (link your staff email to your LinkedIn account to have free access) for the following products:

Blow Your Own Trumpet

Have you developed any automation within your department that we should know about? Your improvements may be useful to others so let us know:

  • What was the issue
  • How did you fix it
  • What has it saved you or your team