Automation Process

Assess and Identify: Conduct assessment of current manual processes to identify the most suitable activities for automation. This analysis will enable us to prioritise your processes where automation will have the most significant impact. This assessment will be carried out in conjunction with business area owners and their staff.

Design and Development: Once a process has been identified, the automation team, in collaboration with business area subject matter experts (SMEs), will design and develop automation solutions. These solutions will be tailored to specific needs and will integrate with existing processes and systems. The automation type or technology will be defined by the process steps and systems affected.

Testing and Validation: Prior to deployment, thorough testing and validation of the automation solutions will be carried out. This will ensure that they meet the quality standards and can deliver the desired results. Your team’s feedback will be crucial during this phase to fine-tune the automation tools. Business owners will be responsible for providing sufficient test resource (data/people).

Deployment and Monitoring: Each automation will be applied into Production, along with a support and escalation service, made up of DT service desk and specialist teams, as well as supplier escalation. The processes will be monitored for performance and errors, allowing optimisation of the procured services and Robotic Process Automation Attendants (RPA bots).

Training and Change Management: Successful adoption of automation requires training and change management. There will be comprehensive training sessions to equip your  team with the necessary skills to work alongside automated systems. Additionally, we need strong stakeholder engagement, clear communication and support during the development and transition periods to address any concerns or challenges that may arise.

What Happens If My Process Is Selected For Automation

You have proposed a process for automation and following the prioritisation phase it has been selected for further investigation, what can you expect? Watch this short presentation on the stages, your involvement, Digital Services’ actions and the outputs delivered.